Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When it all comes together

I've been making crocheted pendants, crocheting with wire and beads for some time now, but have wanted to do it using softer materials. Today on the way home from the preschool run, I pictured a new style of necklace accomplishing just that and here you have it.

I've seen crocheted necklaces in Garnet Hill magazine that of course are quite pricey and wanted to put my own spin on a very old idea. The pendant itself is domed, which I love (and you'll see), and completely crocheted as well as the body of the necklace making it a very organic and simple piece. I used a super strong nylon cord which is practically indestructible with regular wear, but is feminine just the same.

What I love the most though is the back. Of course.

The necklace is 17" long and the pendant is just under 1" wide. I love to play with color, as you can probably tell from my knitting, and these don't disappoint. When I was done with #1, I'd already planned #2:

And #3 is already strung. It's going to be a darker turquoise with a green pendant. One is up in the shop already, and the other two aren't far behind!

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Pamela said...

Take it off the market - I want it!!! Really!

I've been trying to e-mail you, but I keep getting failure notices. Have you changed?

Hope you're doing well!