Thursday, March 20, 2008


Even without a calendar, you know it's Spring around here when these start to bloom all around the house:

I have no idea what this plant is called, I looked it up once but have since forgotten. It's not really a bush or babies breath, but long individual stick-like projections out of the ground with an explosion of tiny white flowers. They're taller than I am! It blooms at the same time as forsythia and the equally beautiful flowering quince here. I love the fact that not only is the house old, but so are all the plantings around it. The purple iris are ancient as are the tiger lillies and the damson plum trees. We also have an apple tree that's as tall as the house and a trunk that takes two people to reach around. Somewhere pruning fell by the wayside.

Appropriately, this first day of Spring is Lauren's actual birthday. One of her doctors actually nicknamed her "miss merry sunshine" after just meeting her, which matches her disposition exactly. She and the white flowers above have alot in common. They way they reach up to the sky makes me so hopeful for the mild weather to come.

Also arriving this week was the flu. John has been out of school all week and will miss tomorrow as well. Nothing like a two week long spring break! I'm in germ control mode with hand washing and "magic soap" as the kids call it, and failing miserably. Yesterday, despite his temp of 101, John and Allie were having what they call EGG WAR. It's a new phenomenon. In years past the kids would spend hours staging mini Easter egg hunts in the house with plastic buckets and eggs. This year the game has morphed into putting the buckets on their heads as helmets and pelting each other with the eggs. Hence the name, egg war.

Another arrival,

I can't stop making these. I'm mulling over a bracelet idea and will probably end up making a much bigger pendant as well.

Also, on the needles are some more bunnies. I ended up selling the first three I made for the kids (what kind of mother does that?) so now I'm finishing the ones I'll actually give the kids on Sunday. I'm glad it worked out that way because I think it's best to give each of them their own color. John gets the masculine gray, Lauren the blue below (her favorite color) and Allie will get cream or pink, I haven't decided.

Happy Spring everyone!

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