Friday, March 14, 2008

Love notes from Lauren

Some of Lauren's favorite things to do are read, draw and write letters and books. It seems like every day I find a pile of her writings and books she's stashed all over the house. I find them under her pillow, all around her bed, under the sheets and between the bed and the wall. They come with us in the car even for a three mile trip. She started at a young age, when at 2 I bought her a magna doodle. They were inseparable until this year while in Kindergarten she's grown more attached to paper. I can't say I mind. The magna doodle just gets erased, but the paper I can keep. I could fill this blog every day with all her little bits, thoughts and ideas, but today I just wanted to share my recent favorites.

A get well card for me a few weeks ago (one of many):

A short essay about some kids watching t.v. (this is just the prologue):

And a little invitation to her brother. She wrote birthday invitations for all her friends, even though I sent out others. This came just after she told him it was a girl only party. I think she places him in a category all to himself:

Which leads me to the party. So far there will be ten little girls descending on the house. Our parties tend to be simple but hopefully fun. This will be the first year there hasn't been a hayride at someone's party. I admit I'll kind of miss that.

Here's the plan. We're going to get crafty and make some stuffed eggs and bunnies with felt, some fat plastic needles and yarn. Then Lauren is set on an Easter egg hunt (3rd year in a row, I think), cake, ice cream and presents. If we have time, maybe a few games. If the craft works well I'll be sure to include pictures. Or, we'll have a few laughs if it flops.

Hope everyone can bear with the opportunity to gush, but I am a mom after all.


Pamela said...

So sweet!

And I keep being attracted to the new additions on the left side - love the chocolate and pistachio hat!!!

patience said...

oh my gosh...does that say "I trust hope." ? oh man, your kids *sigh* dear, they always have been.