Monday, March 31, 2008


It might not be such a big deal to some of you, but I shipped my first Etsy order overseas today, to Luxembourg, to be exact. I was pretty excited.

I like to imagine the recipients, in my hats, warm and happy, skipping down some grassy lane hand in hand (yes, my visions are usually this sappy). My hands have touched every stitch and inch of these hats, and I like to think a little of me is in each one. I've never been to Luxembourg and don't expect to ever go, but now a piece of me has, and it gives me a good feeling.

I'm also reassured that I should still list cold weather gear in the shop for those in colder climates and in the southern hemisphere. Hopefully this will be just the beginning of more international shipping.

Meanwhile it's back to the routine around here. Two off to school today and I think it's safe to say the mono is finally gone, so things seem back to normal. Unfortunately for Allie that means no one to play with but mommy and the 18 year old girl working at the library today, but she's managing. She's played Lite Brite using a metal clip to pick up all the pieces with (that was interesting), gathered together yet another little box and filled it full of her "treasures", colored, played with this and that, and overall managed to hide her sadness until the meltdown as we left daddy and grandma at the barn/business next door. I found the panacea: Spongebob Squarepants. She's a big fan. Her wait is almost over, the bus should be here soon.

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