Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camera shy

As I'm not a fan of having my picture taken, you won't see me often on this blog. But I thought I'd show you the scarf I finished last night. Long and skinny, right? Best part is it's only one of my two available skeins, so who knows, maybe I'll use the other and incorporate the same pattern into some fingerless gloves or something.

[Lauren just brought me a poem she wrote and at the end was a little question. "Which child do you like the best? Allie, Lauren, John were written and their pictures underneath. I was instructed to circle my answer. So I circled all three. She seemed surprised.]

Besides wrestling a four year old to give her drops for pink eye twice today, the only other exciting thing I've done was roast a chicken. I have a few words to say about both.

I'm usually pretty proud of myself when it comes to getting the kids to go along with the not so fun parts of being a kid or a parent for that matter. You know, like getting them to eat vegetables, clean their rooms or generally do anything they don't want to do. There's not usually a big fight, but they can be gently coerced and rewarded without much fuss. But this youngest, fiestiest, tiniest but often strongest child has become a screaming banshee with the drops. They are working beautifully and she's so much better. I've tried everything to get her to go along peacefully, even bribing her with donuts, cookies and chocolate. None of it works. I guess I can't always expect to get off so easily.

And as far as roasting a chicken goes, why have I not known how easy that is until recently? Why is everyone so afraid of the whole bird? I cooked the Thanksgiving turkey this past November and started out scared of it, but when all was said and done I thought, why does everyone make such a big deal about that? It turned out perfect. The only thing I needed help with was brining it, lifting it in and out of the bucket. That part is even optional. I swear it's easier than making spaghetti. Now gravy on the other hand, is a different story. I stick to the jar.

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Pamela said...

I don't know much about wrestling children or roasting chicken, but I love the new pink pom pom scarf!!!