Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The chicken sweater has flown the coop! I know it only had a brief and partial debut here online, but it had been in my head and the planning stages for quite some time. I never had a great feeling about it. Project and yarn not suited to one another. My real motivation for knitting the pattern was to learn a certain technique so I perhaps can design a sweater requested by Aunt Pat. The sides and back are knitted in one piece up to the armholes, but the knit stitches on the sides angle off at 45 degrees. So in my mind the mission was accomplished. I learned how to do it, now whether or not I can design one with completely different yarn and a different stitch pattern and a much more fitted sillhouette is another story. I'll letcha know if I can do it, Pat!

One the bright side, the fantastic Lamb's Pride yarn I was using has dissolved into several projects. The first of which is mittens:

My own little creation. They turned out exactly how I want them. The best thing is how warm and cozy they are. We were outside last night on New Years' Eve and my hands never knew it. These seem impervious to cold and wind. And like all things made with good wool they breathe so my hands didn't sweat either.

The rest of the yarn is currently in use for a felted bag and felted slippers. Rarely do I feel like felting, so when the urge hits I run with it. This is also my favorite yarn to felt with which helps. The 15% mohair just gives it such a great look.

I debated whether to talk about change on New Years Day, it seems so cliche and predicatable, but it's really what I've been thinking about lately. I remember sitting at the computer most of the day this time last year. It was then I started a Pay Pal account and my Etsy shop. At the time I knew how to email and do a Google search. That was about it. Kevin set everything up for me and laboriously taught me how to get the digital photos from the camera onto the computer and then uploaded in my shop.

With that knowledge I've figured out much more, including setting up this blog by myself. With all that has taken place during the last year I can't really imagine what this year will bring except change itself.

I have many goals and dreams for the new year. Alot I want to do with the business and alot I want to see happen personally. But I know not to be so set in my ways that I miss an opportunity when it presents itself. The results of which are usually much better than I could have imagined or planned on my own. An ever present reminder that there are forces greater than myself at work, leading me in the right direction if I just let go and let them.

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Pamela said...

I love those mittens! Perhaps some solid mittens may be in order when the Icelandic sweater is done. They included a pattern for mittens, but I like the simple solid version!