Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sundance sweater: the debut

I'm sitting here on the bed with leg on ice. The little ankle problem I mentioned is not going away. I babied it for a 3 mile run on Sunday and one today but the feeling is eerily similar to stress fractures I've had in the past. Luckily it's on the small bone in my lower leg and doesn't seem as bad as the others I've had. If I push it (which I'm on my way to doing) it will end up that way so I need to back off.

I feel like I'm in a battle with health. I like to think my body is on my team but sometimes I think we're against each other. I've worked so hard to exercise as I'm convinced it is the antidote for staying out of the doctor's office for other health problems. I haven't been in one since summer and plan to keep it that way. I just pushed it too fast though, and increased my running frequency, distance and even speed. A certain recipe for stress fracture. Looks like I need to get the bike out.

I'm through my first ball of yarn on the Sundance sweater and it's going well (I hope). I'm not doing as much shaping at the sides as I originally intended but think it will be nice anyway. I'm getting a beachy feel from it already, which may be why I've been researching a family beach vacation this summer. See what you think:

Just realized a diamond is missing out of my wedding ring--off to search!

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Pamela said...

I love it already! What yarn did you decide to use? So summery indeed.

I completely understand your running frustration. I wish you a speedy recovery!