Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A brand new bag of yarn is such a beautiful thing to a knitter. The really good stuff is exciting to behold and the little yellow stickers (meaning-- sale) are just icing on the cake. I don't go on big yarn binges or have some enormous stash, so when I buy this much yarn at one time the novelty of it all makes me a little giddy. The yarn on top is going to be another sundance sweater for yours truly. The first one is highly wearable and functional, but I wanted one a little nicer to wear to shows as an example of my work. Another self-knitting project--what is going on?! But I feel like it's the simplest of business investments and a smart one as well.

Here's almost the full kitty, including some fabric scraps for appliques. I mostly repurpose old shirts and dresses, but sometimes just have to go for the storebought stuff. I've been looking for a really nice boy green. The pink stuff on the far right is a new find, 100% polyester fleece yarn. Go figure! It'd been even better if it was recycled. I'm thinking of some type of stroller blanket or little lovey. All I know is it is some of the softest, yummiest baby yarn ever and is even machine washable. A must for a blanket in my opinion.

The other reason for my sigh is the wonderful break in the weather. I love it when the kids come in from school, drop their backpacks and fly right back out the door and up a tree. My littlest was out there too, cooking (what else) with leaves, dirt, sand, you name it. Now she's sitting in front of me with a million questions about pictures of the inside of the human body she found. She's also giving me a tutorial on proper dental hygiene (we just went to the dentist Monday). You just never know--all in a days work as mommy. Guess I'd better go!

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