Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

This will be the first of hopefully many naturally occurring installments of the wonderful thoughts that float through my children and end up either spoken or on paper. Naturally occurring, you know like carbon or oxygen. Nothing forced here.

It is with her permission that I publish the following journal pages. Author: Lauren. Age: 5 1/2. Grade: Kindergarten.

I like BolloN'S
I Am CrASi About BolloN'S
Thay R Fun To Play WiThe
I like them So moht (much) That I Skrem

(note: picture the N's backward if you will)


I love MoM & DaD & John & Allie & my SelF Why Do We have A GoD MoM

go ahead and ponder that for a while.

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