Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't hate me because I crochet

It started out to be a great day. Everyone was on time, eager for school to start again and excited for the new year. I was really ready! Today I would travel with the new laptop, relax at the bookstore and lavish in the world of high-speed connectedness. I'd made a test run to the local library to make sure I knew what I was doing and it was a smashing success. I had no reservations.

I suppose I should back up a bit. I know laptops and high speed are old hat for so many of you and you must laugh at my naivete, but it's all brand spankin' new to me so just let me be excited about it for a minute.

On with the story. I put two happy kids on the bus and drove the other to preschool. I got to the bookstore, sank down in the biggest chair I could find and proceeded to connect. Wrong! I had to download something huge--this alone scares me, especially with all the warnings--ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS? IT COULD SCREW UP YOUR COMPUTER AND RUIN YOUR LIFE FOREVER! I clicked 'yes' and proceeded with caution and an elevated heart rate. After multiple attempts and getting stuck in a loop for a while, I got to step 4 of the 6 step process and could go no further.

In all I struggled with it for about an hour and finally gave up. Why does it have to be so hard? Why can't it be like the library? Why do they say free and easy when it's not for some of us? And do you think I'd stop someone and ask for help? No way! Too stubborn, too tired of messing with high tech and in serious need of some knitting, something tangible, something I could produce and see results.

In the time it took me to fail at wifi access I made this:

Not the chair just the crocheted pad on it. Don't know if I'll keep it or if I'll make 3 others to match but I'd been wanting to try it for a while. Still need to attach it with some fabric or ribbon or maybe the cotton I made it with. I know what you're thinking--why white? Nothing in my house is white for obvious reasons, 3 kids, dirt, husband, dirt, pets, dirt and my ever growing distaste for cleaning. But these are simple cotton, inexpensive, throw in the wash over and over and just pitch when they lose their lustre. Mission accomplished, something to show for my time, unlike the aforementioned wasted hour at the bookstore that I'd like to forget.

Since my last post I also made simple washcloths for the family. Hot pink for the girls and blue and green for the boys:

I also finished the felted bag I was making. It's drying by the woodstove in a wooly, unshaven state. I'm always nervous before I throw wool in a hot, agitating washing machine, but this time was a success. I'll be sure to include pictures.

Along with the usual post-Christmas clean and purge (the girls' room was a true and utter disaster area) that's about it. Now I'm off to erase the stupid AT&T wifi access icon from my desktop. It's mocking me.

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