Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday's run confirmed it...what I thought was the beginning of a yucky ankle problem is NOT! I went 4 miles before I really started to feel the twinge and so I stopped. I can't quite believe I had that much restraint, but I'm trying not to screw things up. I did my usual ice afterward and later last night which really helps. Now mind you it was a cautious sort of trot but I'm thrilled not to be sidelined. My brain needs the extra oxygen running affords, without it (like today) my thoughts seem to puddle and I wander around wondering what to do next.

I did get the sideways look from my father-in-law and the comment "you sure have been running a long time" to which I responded "I feel GREAT!" and gave my best two-fisted "Rocky-esque" punch into the air. I guess he knew about my bum leg--gotta be careful what I write! Unfortunately for him I later went into a 10-minute long PT spiel about the numerous and far reaching effects of exercise. I was getting too preachy for my liking (or maybe the car ride ended) but I don't think he bought my argument, at least not for himself!

I had to give Sundance a break today. After finishing the sleeves I noticed a few problems:

1. despite all balls being the same dye lot, one of the sleeves is discolored. white! what was I thinking?

2. somehow the same number of decreases on the sleeves and the back have turned out to be different lengths. Kevin said, "they look like they're different angles". yes, honey they sure do!

3. and now I want to start another one in a different color (I'm even looking online for more yarn) before I finish the first one.

Don't worry! (as if you would) I will do a little dismantling, add some more decreases and lenth to the sleeves and be on my merry way. The knitting brain just needed a good de-fogging, which I'm not so sure it got, but will be back in action tomorrow. The best excuse not to knit also came--the Feb. issue of Country Living Magazine!

By the way, has anyone noticed how screwy the spacing gets on my posts that have pictures? I've tried to fix it numerous times and it seems to just have a mind of its own. If anyone has the solution, pass it my way!

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Pamela said...

Yay - no injuries! We're right there with you on the exercise soapbox!

Great news. Sorry to hear of the setbacks on Sundance. Who'd have thought you need to check the dyelot on white anyway? Who's in charge of those ballbands?!?!?!?