Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fiddling a bit and ending denial

So I've been fiddling with my new yarn today. These little goodies have been swimming around in my brain for quite some time. Generally my knitting (or crocheting in this case) begins with visualization of a shape. I see a shape or think of one and then start putting yarn where I see the figure. Booties--how hard can they be? I thought. Famous last words. No, these weren't a long struggle, but usually those words get me in trouble. Instead I experienced sweet victory.

You just gotta love Rowan handknit dk cotton. I'm working on a hat to match.

On another note, I finally broke down today and accepted powerlessness over my body. I debated over whether or not to ever mention any of this, but I decided honesty is best and if this blog is at all about me, then there are some secrets I can't keep. When ankle #2 started acting up along with the thumbs, hip, back elbows and wrists I finally conceeded that I might be experiencing a little flare up. Kevin says it's just the winter aches and he has them too (so much empathy I can't stand it). I won't ramble on, but if you know anyone with rubberbands for limbs and who can do crazy party tricks with their bodies (like some of the videos I see on tv via youtube) then you may want to investigate--it could be something more.

I took my MIL's advice and bought some over the counter ankle supports and have had them on all day. They help. Give that lady a PT degree.

As always, when I need a quick picker upper I head on over to the yarn harlot. She is a riot. Even for the non-knitters out there. Today's post is about publishing her (5) books. I think she's becoming my hero.

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