Friday, January 11, 2008


I love the interior doors of our house. They are the old 5-panel variety with nicks, gouges, nail holes and evidence of where the old doorknobs used to be. Most are primed only but there are a few I haven't gotten to yet. When people ask if we've finished our house (it's only been 9 years, you think it'd be done) I sigh and say, "no, I have so much painting inside to do, and planting and a new roof, and, and, and". But if the truth be told, it's these unfinished, sanded down, old bits of paint on them, crazy-beautiful wood-grain doors that I love the most. I doubt if I ever paint them and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them come with us when we move or when "they" decide to tear down this house to build a parking lot or some other abomination.

Doors were on my mind yesterday. I've kept the door to me so tightly closed for so long, I've been in protection mode, feeling very vulnerable. I wonder why people can't come in, and I know it's because I won't let them. It's been quite a journey and a long process, but I feel this door opening. I see it as a direct result from some painful decisions I've made and am so thankful for the guidance to make them. Yesterday I had an opportunity to give freely, abundantly and without expectation of repayment. It felt so good that I'm still up from the experience and it finally occurred to me, the door where love comes in is the same one it exits through.

If that wasn't enough, this morning's devotion was fitting. It's worth a look: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.

Switch gears now with me if you will. I've got to display Sundance. The back and fronts are done and I'm starting on the first sleeve. Kevin helped me hold it "on" last night and I think it's going to fit! It's unblocked and will look better when finished but here goes:

see, just a little bit of shaping, but it will be a fitted sweater nonetheless. Think I can finish the sleeves today if I stop typing and start knitting. I'm still pondering a simple closure--maybe a one button and loop type thing. Please feel free to give input and help me decide!


Pamela said...

Opening is difficult. Sharing generously is difficult (especially for a hoarder). Good for you for clearing the way.

Love the Sundance!

patience said...

there is so much on the other side waiting for the blessing you are!!! i'm so happy the experience was rich for you...