Thursday, November 8, 2012

What the cold will do

Used to be I knitted nearly all the time.  I had an Etsy shop to fill, orders coming in and going out with great velocity and yarn was always close by.  But I closed up shop a while back, returned to the wonderful world of physical therapy full of thrilling successes that have me clapping for patients and grinning ear to ear and lows so low I question society as a whole, myself in it and exactly what it is I'm doing in this profession, wondering if I ever really help anyone.  But enough about that.  When winter comes, I knit again, or crochet because I'm cold.  Ice cold.

I have bins full of yarn leftover from my knit-for-hire days that stare me down regularly from my office closet, just waiting to be used, hovering, lurking, much like the cat.

I have gorgeous books on my shelves like this one full of crochet projects from Erika Knight.  Page after page of classic beauty, simplicity, from it I learned to crochet in my 30's and it is the source of my current project.

I abhorr cold weather. I bundle up under as many layers as I can get my hands on this time of year, sleep in wool socks, yoga pants and running tops (new, not yet stinky) and under a down comforter.  My husband hates it.  I am always cold.  I touch my patients with icicle fingers and am told, "You betta warm yo fingas up honey! You gonna freeze!"  I know, I know, don't have to tell me, I'm already freezing.  Worst part is this is Virginia, not nearly as cold as Missouri where I grew up.  I imagine I'd crack and break if I lived somewhere that was actually cold.

So, what more appropriate for me to make than a throw for the window seat, I thought?  Something to warm the cold-natured, to use up leftover yarn, to practice an ancient art only recently discovered by myself and show my kids there's more to life than Minecraft?

raw granny squares

finished square--to be sewn together with unifying color

yarn:  Brown Sheep "cotton fleece" an excellent all purpose yarn and from Nebraska, America's heartland (aka that part of the country those on the east coast fly over in airplanes)

Even the zafu helps out as a nice side table, certainly not its intended purpose.  There is more meditation in the works, in addition to my daily, early morning practice.  Upcoming: a local field trip in the next week or two.  Clair is bursting with excitement and I'm terrified, should be a good show!

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