Friday, November 16, 2012

Under doing it

I was the lame one who wore jeans to the gym last night because I was too sore to work out from two days of doing squats, pirouettes and surfing on my slack line.  Things had gotten a little too easy and I figured if I wasn't falling off much anymore then I wasn't challenging myself.  And I was pumped from watching too many inspirational videos on youtube and vimeo to just sit still.  Thank you, Patience!

"Honey, I think you've hit that point where you're overdoing it," my husband said, "remember that time in yoga where you nearly ripped your leg off your body?  Don't do that again."

Okay, I may have torn a hamstring in hot (Bikram) yoga a year and a half ago, the results of which bother me on a daily basis but this is nothing like that, he has no idea, I clearly know what I'm doing,  I am a PT after all, darn it!

Minor irritations right now are I can hardly sit down, stand up or climb stairs and there's no way I can run at the gym or anywhere else.  Even the bike is too much.  I tried to hover over the john at Target yesterday and nearly fell in.

I went to watch the kids swim but when we arrived the sign on the door said:

"The pool is closed until November 20th, we're sorry for any inconvenience"

So instead, I sat by the fireplace, the oddball, the lazy lady in jeans with her crochet.  While the rest of my family worked out I worked hard at mediocrity.

I'm saving myself for painting.

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