Thursday, November 15, 2012

I will not freak out

Ahhh, the beautiful Fall weather, a little cold here and there but not frigid, and the trees are lovely.  It looks like the Norman Rockwell picture of a perfect Thanksgiving in Virginia, all except for my kitchen where in just one week I plan to host and feed twelve people. 

Just a couple of weeks ago it looked like this:  (back to the 1930's farmhouse floor we said we would NEVER, EVER uncover again after we covered over it the first time thirteen years ago)

Now it looks like this:  (mostly finished)         

Bashing through the ice block of ceramic tile floor and the underlayment was a bit like I'd imagine busting through the walls of Alcatraz only it was a family affair, we included our kids in the fun.

There's a fine layer of dust covering the whole downstairs, the fridge and some cabinets are all crowded  in the dining room, and of course we need to paint the kitchen, trim included especially after ramming the giant refrigerator through the doorway and nearly breaking it in the process.  I'll do that this weekend while most people are baking pies.

But, I told myself I wasn't going to get all crazy about the holidays this year and I'm still not going to because it won't do any good, I still have a kitchen to paint and lots of food to buy and make and freaking out will only make me miserable and we could be broke and starving and homeless and jobless and in the hospital but we're not.

When Clair was over the other day and we were talking about getting ready for Thanksgiving and she saw the floor she said something like, "Eeewww, now I don't feel so bad".  And if that doesn't make you feel just a tiny bit better about your holiday preparations I don't know what will. 



beth lehman said...

it's gorgeous!!! aren't you so glad you did it??

amy said...

Yes! So glad!

ShutUpandRun said...

I am having floor envy right now. Simply gorgeous!

amy said...

Thanks! Anyone wanna help clean?