Friday, November 2, 2012


{Spoiler alert:  Debbie Downer has had it with her job.}
I wonder what I'm doing sometimes.  How much difference can one person make?  My patients will continue to eat fifty Cinnabons a week, plus Burger King for breakfast every morning, smoke while on oxygen, not take the medicine that keeps them out of the hospital, sleep all night on rolling office chairs and wonder why they're in pain, not walk (unless I'm there), not exercise, watch TV all day long and somehow I'm to magically make them better.  I finally laid it on the line yesterday with one.  I asked her how long she'd pay for someone to come clean my house if all my kids did was throw trash on the floor all day long?  I saw the lightbulb go off and I think she finally got where Medicare is coming from.  It was either one of my best or worst moments, I'm not sure which.
Then this little gem from the Dalai Lama at 5:30 a.m. today on my Twitter feed:  "A mind wishing to benefit other people and other sentient beings is the very basis of peace and happiness."  Hmmm.  Perhaps the intent is all I need, the control piece I can shed, as usual.
It's not an easy world out there and today I'm thankful for week's end and this little package that arrived in the mail.  Clair and I should have some fun with these this weekend.

The zafu.  It is just a cushion we're told, no magical powers, no holy significance, just a pillow for your rump so you can sit comfortably, align your spine and breathe while meditating if you so choose.  We found a good deal on Amazon and got free and fast shipping too.  Go get you one.  You can see how much I need mine!

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Clair said...

Can't wait to sit with you. Magic butt pillows. yes!