Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm a slacker

{ten year old videographers are known to be shaky and give commentary sounding like Darth Vader mixed with youthful cheerleader. dogs wrestling are an irresistable camera draw}

With enough practice, even this is possible.  It may not look very hard but it's taken me weeks just to accomplish the little bit above which doesn't scratch the surface of all the crazy things people do on slacklines.  The tricks, the yoga, the competitions, I'm sure it's headed for Olympic sport-dom one day but I'm the backyard novice who wants to keep her bones intact. I am amazed, even with my little bit of dabbling, at how much stronger I've become and how that's helped my running. Because I'm addicted, I think everyone should try it and am conjuring up a way to get my gym on board so I have a place to slackline in the cold and rain.  All for the good of the masses.

I originally bought the slackline for the kids and they do get on it with me but I'm the only person in the family crazy or stupid enough to stay on the thing for hours until my legs turn to jelly and won't hold me anymore, my arms feel like lead weights and my abs like I've spent three hours in a non-stop belly laugh.  It's just aggravating enough to make me not want to quit and fun enough to get me excited about something I'd rather not think about doing.  Strengthening my core sounds appealing and all but it's so much more palatable when it's disguised as fun.  We just might have to pull it out on Thanksgiving and start a new tradition.  Forget football.

I can see my retirement now...I'll be the wacky lady slacklining on the beach, my husband lost on a boat fishing somewhere. I hope the kids will come visit.


beth lehman said...

very impressive!! i love that you enjoy slacklining... my kids are interested but i'm the most uncoordinated person i know...

Clair said...

I am sore watching this. Can't wait to try it. Looks like fun.