Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, it's only taken us one day to veer off my master plan from yesterday, which just goes to show you that I just may be a flexible mom, even though it may not have seemed like it from that list. John had a friend spend the night last night and he's spending the day with us so the list will just be postponed until the afternoon. The last thing I'm about to do is have him do chores with a friend over, or worse yet, tell him he can't have friends over just because of the list. Yeesch.

The overall result remains the same. I'm able to work, much better in fact, when they are as thoroughly entertained as they are with friends over. The baseball game has been going almost non-stop with breaks only for Star Wars, playing chase with the dog, catching lightning bugs, riding bikes and of course, sleep.

It's given me the time to fill custom orders like this little necklace (see what you get when you ask? something one of a kind, for sure), teach my 7 year old to knit (be still my heart!) and get lots of other stuff done too. I'm all for the kids having LOTS of friends over throughout the summer, just not all at the same time!

And that bit about teaching Lauren to knit? You can be sure there will be pictures in the near future. She woke up this morning and told me that she still remembered how, a major victory on my part and something she can add to "something studious" on her list.

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Anonymous said...

Cute necklace!

People think I'm nuts when I say I don't mind if my daughter's friends are here all the time- but it really occupies everyone. Not so much if one of the boys has a friend- then the other boy wants to play and it just gets messy...