Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knish nite

What if this was your pond, on your several hundred acres, all private, completely serene, completely hidden, just yours? Well, it's not ours, we just pretended a little bit last night when we went knishing again (knitting + fishing = get it?).

As date nights go it's one of our favorites. Cook dinner ahead for the kids and grandparents, grab something from Subway for ourselves and sneak off to places like this for a couple of hours.

It's 10 minutes from home, can't beat it. Our only company were 3 or 4 old hunting dogs in their houses, a bunch of geese and this dilapidated walkway near the runoff. Oh, and the owner, a good friend on his Gator, making his rounds and checking cattle.

If I originally had high hopes of capturing great fishing shots of Kevin, I'm quickly realizing that my predominating view on our trips is this:

Which, I like, actually.

This time there was some work accomplished.

A new little organic hat that I've fallen in love with. But then, who doesn't when they look, feel and experience Blue Sky Alpacs organic cotton? You'll find it in my shop soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great evening. Cute hat.

Anonymous said...

I think your knishing is so awesome...yay for sharing art and relaxation!