Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All I have

I'm not finding much time to blog this week, what with the onslaught of vacation bible school (yes, I said onslaught), trying to spend time at the pool and looking for a new-to-us car. Of course we could sacrifice the pool, but what fun would that be, especially with nice weather this week when last week's was crummy. I am trying to sneak in a bit of knitting while we're there, but you know how that goes, there are 3 kids to watch, ball to play and other moms to chat with. You might as well say I'm only working part-time this week, as usual, late at night.

But at least the zucchini are ready and that humongous plant is giving up her goods. We've had it for dinner the past two nights and given some away but I feel a loaf or two of bread coming on today.

Daddy is much better and as all colds do, this one is going away.

We've made substantial progress on finding another car which just isn't an easy task in my opinion. I find it a very big deal and somewhat of a risk but we're almost there. Luckily a local dealership trusts my husband enough to let him bring a prospect home for the night to show me. So we left the kids with their grandparents and went out last night. We grabbed a salad (for Kev) and sushi (for me) at a local store and had one of our low-maintenance, low cost dates that we treasure. We scouted out other cars and drove the one we were in some, with the radio off listening for any sound of trouble we could hear. There was none. Then we ended the night with ice cream, full bellies and rode home with the wind in our hair. My favorite thing to do on a warm summer night.

We let the kids explore every inch of the new car prospect, fiddle with the windows, and try their hand at opening and closing doors when they've been used to the automatic kind. I even gave them a ride around the driveway a few times to ease their begging. Today's chore is to clean the piles of kid stuff that have accumulated out of the old car in case it goes soon. We have hope for it's future and will take some parting pictures at Lauren's tearful request. "I like the new one, Mommy, but I'll be really sad to see the old one go. Can we make sure it goes to a place where they'll use all its parts for other cars that need them?"

"Sure, honey, we will."

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