Tuesday, June 30, 2009

System announcement

We interrupt these regularly scheduled ramblings to bring you news of the crafty kind and the assurance that indeed, Amy is still busy with the knitting and crocheting of hats, booties, bunnies, baskets, belts, bags and jewelry, lest you fear she has gone off the deep end into a dreamworld of sorts, or worse yet, been swallowed up by summer.

You can view the new piece above at her next market showing on Saturday, or perhaps in her shop if she organizes herself enough to list it. We cannot be certain what type of programming will return tomorrow, but return it will. Please stay tuned for further instructions and for your viewing pleasure, we leave you with the following.

Thank you and good evening.

1 comment:

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Very nice necklace. Very nice. May have to borrow your announcer one of these days- really gotta start getting stuff done...