Monday, June 29, 2009

A hit and a hit

I can't wait to use this new display piece at the market on Saturday. It's a rake, a gift from my in-laws who knew I'd use it at the market and maybe even in my new office (after it's finished). I'm torn, do I hang jewelry from it? Belts? Scarves? I also haven't figured out how I'm going to secure it so it won't fall over, but I'll cross that bridge later. Whatever the case, it's a hit.

Speaking of hit, the chicken coop took a good one today from some random branch in the woods. It wasn't even windy or raining or anything, just a picture-perfect summer day. At least now we know the coop is well-constructed, as if that were in question.


Jim said...

Hooray for a well built coop! I'm enjoying reading your blog - and look forward to seeing you and yours at the pool very soon! I guess we've been missing each other.
take care,

Anonymous said...

Phew- lucky chickens! My guineas have abandoned their coop for either the goat shed or the top of the swing set. Silly birdies.