Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baking therapy

I'm not an emotional eater. Sorry, but I'm just not. What I may be, however is an emotional baker. Yesterday it was homemade rolls, today it was a homemade apple pie. Nothing is wrong per se, it was just an off day creatively as well as I can determine, one where I had mountains of yarn staring at me and oodles of projects to pick from, none of which I was particularly drawn to. I guess there is rub, that in order to be able to create new things or even old ones I have to feel a certain pull to do so or none of it feels right.

I'm learning that when I feel this way, my best option unfortunately is to just chuck the yarn and go find something else to do. There's always plenty "else to do", like go to two end of the year parties at the kids' school, clean, bake, and run. I had a really good run. Through the tall grass, dodging poison ivy in the woods, across the fields that have now been planted with beans, past the chickens and the dog and the kids and around and around, singing, sweating, pounding it all out. I have a nice big blood blister to show for it but I feel much better.

And the pie was a big hit.

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mindy said...

Ok- I am an emotional eater (especially PMS foods) so I think we could strike some kind of bargain here...