Monday, June 8, 2009

Let the water work

I suppose there are some folks who don't particularly like the water, or the sun, or fishing, swimming, tubing or playing in the sand, but we aren't those folks. We are drawn to the water and soak up every ounce of goodness it has to offer. Such was the case yesterday when we headed east, to where the rivers become tidal, the water part salt, and the fish, like what you'll find in the ocean.

We took the whole family this time, the kids showing more interest in catching now, and with great determination, teamwork,

and astonishment at what they can pull out of the water.

This summer we can take better water breaks, with the maiden voyage of the tube, and have practice drills at how to fall off and get rescued, Lauren's favorite part.

Yet there is one who is still afraid to ride, even with Daddy, but is quite at home in the sand. Maybe next year, little Miss Cautious.

And what does Mommy like to do you may wonder? Daddy described my role as a preparatory one, where I get everything ready so everyone else can have fun. He's pretty much right, but he also has that same job, and we both find it rewarding. Especially when we can then sit back and take these pictures.

Yes, it is well worth it.

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Marissa said...

Amy, I am loving your pictures lately! I don't know if it's your camera/lens, or your confidence, but they are wonderful! Oh, that one of the kids where she's leaning on his shoulder....oooooh!! They are so darn cute!