Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taking it slow

I've been following the cat's advice today which is to do as little as possible. Unlike her however I've decided it's best not to swat or hiss at anyone who disturbs my peace, although the relentless pleading of the kids to put up ALL the Christmas decorations while making homemade pizza doughs pushed me close to the edge.

I was pretty wiped out yesterday and today, I guess from the buildup before Thanksgiving even though I really didn't feel overwhelmed by it all, just busy. I awoke this morning after 9 hours of sleep (!) still exhasuted and experiencing sensations reminiscent of the mono fiasco of February '08. So I decided it was best to wake ever so slowly, sit with a cup of coffee by the fire, watch more Monopoly, let the knitting sit and take a late walk with Sunny.

How different my route looks now compared to just a few weeks ago. Kevin spent several hours on the tractor with the leaf-sucker-upper today getting the last of them up. There is just no way to rake them all, unless maybe we had 10 kids.

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Anonymous said...

I like your cat's advice better than mine- here I would be running at top speed, pouncing on everything in sight, chasing my tail, and making myself big everytime someone comes around a corner...

Lovely shot of the tree.