Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knitting with tree trunks

I'm a mid-range knitting needle kind of girl. You can usually find me using anything from size 4's to 8's, but sometimes I branch out. That super chunky yarn I bought the other day requires huge needles which I didn't even have so I had to buy some 17's at the same time. Talk about a different knitting experience, they're almost too big to hold! Don't get me wrong, it was fun to make the scarf above and yes, fairly quick. I'm so fond of it and it's so cozy that I want to keep it for myself, or gift it so I can see it often and remember how good it feels.

In other news, I bought my turkey today for Thanksgiving. Thrilling, I know, but I'm beginning to be impressed with how I'm changing my often last-minute ways. It has been a nail-biter in past years as to whether or not I'd actually have the thing thawed in time for the big day. Best part is it isn't frozen and it's already brined so Kevin and I don't have to wrangle it into a sheet rock bucket full of salty water and then in the already packed fridge the night before. Trader Joe's, you're the best.

I've even been buying Christmas presents here and there which hasn't gone unnoticed by Kevin. I got an "I'm proud of you" the other night for it. He's just glad he won't have to deal with my last minute stress next month. At least let's hope it goes that well!


Anonymous said...

Lucky ducky- a Trader Joe's in reasonable distance! And way to go on the getting things done early. I may have to try that one of these days...

Jenny said...

Love the scarf! I have a couple of pairs of size 15 needles (one aluminum, the other bamboo) and they are my go-to needles for thick yarn like yours. They do take some getting used-to!