Sunday, November 2, 2008


If Webster's defines slumber as sleep or an inactive state, then slumber party is precisely not what we had last night, especially not with a group of 8 year old boys. Let me tell you first that Kevin and I had a ball and loved having the boys over who we found hilarious, innocent, good spirited and wild. Lucky for us there's room to run out here, but that just meant all eyes outside all the time, some quick reflexes, and the ability to think ahead (like an 8 year old boy) to be ready for what might happen next.

I'm happy to report only minor, brief injuries and that they actually went to bed a little after 10. The time change was a bump in the road, and when our grumpy 13 year old cat, Betsey prowled around their room at 5:20 (new time) this morning waking everyone up, I knew we'd be worn out today.

In addition to the bit of woodworking above, the matchbox cars and track were a big draw,

there was a literally neverending game of chase and tag with multiple light sabers and multiple Nerf guns,

and a puppy who followed it all believing she'd turned into a little boy. If you x-rayed her right now you'd probably find about 15 Nerf gun bullets. Not kidding.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Sounds like tons of fun, and Sunny looks contentedly exhausted.

Jenny said...

I love the energy and spirit of eight year-old boys! Sounds like a fun time!