Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's distractions

I shouldn't go in Anthropologie when I need to concentrate on making hats and booties and getting ready for two upcoming shows. I swear that place is so inspiring and interesting to walk into, I just can't help myself and I'm really not a shopper. Don't know if I've said that before but I'm probably the worst shopper I know. I'm a really good looker though, and I look and look, study and touch, wonder and think and then decide that I have what I need. Of course there are exceptions to that and my clothes are not from 1985, but it's quite commonplace for me to go shopping, come home, have Kevin ask me where my bags are and upon reporting that I have none, he shakes his head and walks away.

I went there yesterday (to Anthro) and of course the Christmas decorations are popping out everywhere along with holiday scents and other things that tease and coerce us into buying early. It got me thinking that I really needed to add some handmade ornaments to my shop and the ones above were just made this morning. I have grand ideas for some tiny sweater ornaments too, but we'll see what actually comes to fruition. Too many ideas, too little time.

As for the other distractions, there's a small one called the sunny and beautiful 75 degree day in November that we're currently having. The other thing that sidetracked me today was Trader Joe's. It's quickly becoming my favorite grocery store. It's little which I love because I get distracted (I'm sensing a trend) if the place is too huge, the prices are fantastic and here I mean even better than the mega chains for lots of the things I buy, and they're fast and friendly inside which is getting harder to come by and I really don't see the need for unwarranted grumpiness. It's so good I almost want to work there.

Clearly the last distraction for today is this darn computer. See you later, I'm going outside.

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Anonymous said...

How close is your Trader Joe's? I had plans to stop at one on the way home yesterday (it's almost 2 hours away) but had to have my truck jumped before I left, so I was afraid to stop til I was home. Oh well, there's next time.