Sunday, November 16, 2008

Be open and it will come

"Be open and it will come", I heard myself say out loud to a complete stranger yesterday at the holiday market. She had walked up to my booth attracted by the booties and remarked that they really looked like "the ones on Etsy". To which I told her she'd probably seen them there, they've even found their way to the front page a few times, but I was more excited to hear that she knew about Etsy at all. For all the people who do know about it, there are so many more who don't. Yet.

Anyway, she was talking about having so much time on her hands now that her children were grown and gone and how she loved to sew and knit and how hard it was to come up with original ideas and create your own niche. I agreed with her completely and then blurted out, "Be open and it will come". I kind of paused after, thinking, hey, that's open and it will come...that's just how some of my ideas have been born, not that they're the end all be all ideas, but that is how they're born, the good ones anyway.

It doesn't usually come so easily though. I tend to want to force ideas out, make things happen, control the future, but when I do I usually fall flat. It always seems easier to do SOMEthing rather than NOthing. But maybe when I think I'm doing nothing I really am doing more than something, maybe that's the place I really need to be all the time. Hmmm, food for thought.

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Anonymous said...

Always find food for thought here. Right now I seem to be at the place where what I'm wishing would come is TIME...