Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun in a bag

If you'd told me 7 years ago that a bag full of scrumptious yarn would make me a little giddy, I'd probably have looked at you funny. But things change as they do and today I went looking for some of my old stand bys and came home with those and some new things to try. I can't wait to dive into the ones above. It's 100% virgin wool and some of the softest stuff ever. Huge and chunky, a quick knit, I might have to hide it in the freezer so I do the work I'm supposed to be doing first.

I also bought some Berroco "Peruvia", gorgeous Peruvian highland wool and some of their Pure Merino too which is so soft and springy. But instead of getting going on all of that I have to make 4 more hats and 3 pairs of booties today to ship out tomorrow morning. Think it's going to be a late night.

So I'm in front of the fire right now yarn in my lap, computer in front, with my toes on the slate hearth, trying to toast them. Anyone else out there with Raynaud's? The worst is when the tippy tops of my ears itch, burn, turn bright red and swell to three times their size and stick out from my head in the middle of winter. Long hair helps hide them and I suppose a knitted hat would help if I didn't look so goofy in hats. Yes, you heard me right, the person who makes hundreds of hats every year only wears them under the cover of darkness or when skiing. And now at the risk of providing TMI I'm off to do what I'm supposed to be doing.

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