Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fire and rain

The cold, rainy days are back, which means starting the woodstove back up. I have it so warm in the room I'm in right now that I almost have to leave, either that or put on shorts and short sleeves. I turned it down just so I don't drive the whole family out. The addition of a woodstove to our house has single-handedly changed my attitude toward winter. Knowing I can always go somewhere in the house to get warm and toasty is really a treat to look forward to that never gets old.

More inside time also means more knitting and crocheting, and a safe estimate is that I've made about 8 hats and 14 pairs of booties in just the past 3 or 4 days. I still have more to go to get ready for Saturday's show, but what else is new. I always want to make more than I'm actually physically capable of making.

Another fun passtime has been thinking about Christmas and ordering some favorite things from different Etsy shops. Some drawing pads and pencil rolls for the girls have already come and I'm waiting for some pouches and earrings for my nieces. There is so much more I have my eye on, but it takes me a while to make up my mind what to get. It's such a fun way to shop and a real time and gas saver too.

I'm still spreading the knitting/crocheting addiction and have successfully hooked niece #2 on crochet. I'm slowly building an army and as soon as I can get my own girls on board, there'll be no stopping us!

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