Tuesday, November 18, 2008


picture of our brief snow, it lasted all of two minutes

I overheard Lauren and Allie playing today. There was pounding, jumping and labored breathing coming from the family room and Lauren's priceless commentary, oblivious that I was listening in.

"I'm trying to fly...stomp, jump, huff, puff...it's almost working...I'm staying up a little longer!!-----------I'm still trying to fly...grunt, fall, stomp...I'm training...I'm IN training for flying--------------Here! Fly over this chair, Allie!!"-----

It's days like these that make me wonder how long innocence lasts, and why it doesn't and where it goes and who puts it there? Or maybe bits and pieces of it remain, buried deep, only to be unearthed by our children as it begs us to remember back to what it was like to be little and honestly believe that you maybe, really could, if you tried hard enough...fly.

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Anonymous said...

Just hidden, I still fly occasionally in my dreams