Sunday, July 27, 2008

Knishing again

You may or may not remember the first time I wrote about knishing, when Kevin and I enjoy a boat ride, he fishes and I knit (of course), so I'll go ahead and post about it again. Today we had the kids with us and weren't in the canoe (it'd be a little squished), but the biggest boat and this time on the lower James River. It's been so dry here that it's rather impossible to access the upper James where it's less crowded, less defiled and prettier in my opinion, unless you have a jet boat and we do not. What we did today is perhaps more aptly named knoating, because of the kids and the midday heat and the need to move frequently to catch a cooling breeze when they got restless.

I managed to finish some booties and a hat, and the kids and I had a nice little education about where our electricity comes from. Meet the behemoth, Dominion Power.

As we were driving past it on our way to the boat ramp Kevin made sure the kids saw the mountain of coal it takes to run the huge generators in the plant. But really, there was no way we could miss it. The kids accurately described it, "It's not a mountain, Dad, it's an island!" It made me wish we were in the canoe and under our own power. Yeah I know, gas and electricity are different things, but you get the gist.

We left early due to some thunderstorms that popped up, but it was probably just at the right time where the kids were concerned. We're reluctant to get in the water around there, although so many people are and they were just too hot. But before leaving I couldn't help myself to snap a shot of the estate of famed sausage king, Jimmy Dean.

Come on now, you would have too.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Well, I had no idea he was there.

There's something fascinating about big factory type of buildings- no matter what they do. We lived near West Point, VA for a year when I was 15, and whenever we drove past the paper mill, I could never see enough.