Saturday, July 19, 2008

beauty and the beast

My loot from the market. The flowers and honey are from Halsey and Ross of Hickory Green Farm, the tomatoes are from Pleasant Fields Farm, cucumbers from Greenwood Farm, rosemary foccacia from Manakintowne Specialty Growers, and million dollar pound cake from the Dutch Oven Bakery. It's all for grandma and grandpa's birthday dinner tonight, should be a great start. I always wish I had more time to shop for us at the market, but I can usually manage to scoop up the last of some good things around noon each Saturday.

Now for the beast.

That's our house there, suspended in mid-air. Missing is the big beam supporting the house where that big hole is, but as you can see below,

the beam had to go. I still don't know how Kevin replaces beams under the house without it falling down, but of course that's why he's the expert and I am NOT.

Basically, this sums up my feelings on the renovation project:

labor cost of tearing up old porch, getting rid of skunk den and rebuilding: zero dollars.
material cost of replacing termite eaten beam under the kitchen: thirty dollars.
value of a husband who can fix anything: priceless.

And I leave you with this shot (no pun intended).

Just two of MANY bottles like them that we've found during all stages of gutting, repairing and renovating this 1930's farmhouse. The glass is raised into letters on the sides of the bottles that reads, "Pain King". Gee, I wonder what was in those?


*Michelle* said...

Very, very cool! (the bottles, I mean)

JJ (Lady Di) said...

Actually, the stuff the bottles held is still made, but as a salve now instead of a liquid:
It was Porter's Liniment. :)

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Love the bottles! (the market haul looks pretty good, too)