Friday, July 11, 2008

the Squirrel Hunter

There he is, the lucky man who won my baby bootie/hat set and handmade hemp basket in last week's raffle at the market. I knew as I donated the items that perhaps they would go to the most unlikely of winners. I was not dissappointed. As he pondered aloud what he might do with them, he decided that the basket would be good for carrying home the dead squirrels he so likes to hunt. The guys selling orchids next to me thought that was an all out riot and didn't let me forget it the rest of the morning. But as my squirrel hunter walked away he mentioned something about having a wife. In fact, I think she's the soap vendor, and so I said, "Please give them to your wife, she'll know what to do with them!"

Now I ask you, if you knew that my items were in the raffle along with a necklace from another vendor, and you were a big, burly squirrel hunter, would you have bought a ticket?? Oh well, I suppose he's just showing his market support.

If you're in the area, come see me tomorrow. Here's the link to the market page showing the full vendor lineup. I have a new tent as I seem to have broken the other one. It's blue.

In other exciting news, the wheels in my head have really been turning about carving out a little workspace of my own and it's actually coming to fruition. After coninuing to read "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck, M.D. I've come to the conclusion that shoving myself in a disorganized corner of our bedroom is not demonstrating good self-care. It in fact is sending the message to me and everyone else that I don't deserve to take up space. On the contrary, I know full well that that's not how Kevin or anyone else views my business, it's my own battle in my head I've got to overcome. And in turn, my lack of organization and self care negatively impacts the family in small and insidious ways when that are not at all my intention. The tides are turning.

So the plan is in place. I reorganized yesterday, cleared out a set of shelves (gifted from an attic Kevin was tearing off someone's house) and moved them into the girls room which they desperately needed. I spotted a $50 old kitchen farm table at my favorite thrift/antique store which is going to be perfect as a table for my computer, filing, jewelry-making. I'm planning on rearranging more furniture in the fireplace room which has little traffic this time of year, and will bring some of it up to our bedroom which once and for all may actually be a normal bedroom, sans business and computer. My work table will go in the fireplace room and I'll use a chair that's already in there. I'll have to figure out different shelving for that room for my knitting stuff and the second set of old shelves I clear off will also go to the girls. They'll get an organized, picked up room and have a greater chance of keeping it that way as a result.

But for now, I have alot of loose ends to tie up before tomorrow and some wonderful kids to take swimming. You should see that bright pink cast in the pool--it's like a beacon, I can see her coming from a mile away! Okay, maybe not a mile.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Was the pool fun? We did that on Friday, too.

Too funny about the squirrel hunter.

It'll be great to see you at the C-ville Holiday Market. I believe I found your blog through Susan and Jessica- Inedible Jewelry, and I'm always set up beside them (needless to say I have a wonderful collection of their goodies)