Friday, July 25, 2008

the Cure

While I love the band and nothing will get me dancing around the kitchen faster than their song, "Just Like Heaven", that's not really what I'm talking about when I say "cure". What I mean is, when it's been a tough week, when Allie's on ear infection #2, when I'm feeling stressed, it sure is calming to walk into a beautiful, serene yarn shop with smiling, helpful (but not pushy) salespeople. I'm definitely not suggesting retail therapy to cure emotional ills, but it sure was fun to come home with a bag full of pretty yarn that I needed for the business anyway. The green and variegated yellow are Lamb's Pride worsted and the brown is O-wool balance which is an organic merino/cotton blend. I must say it was heavenly to knit with.

I'm thinking of carrying an all organic baby line in the shop. I frequently have people asking me if I carry organic options. So, I think I will. And that green? It's intended for a custom felted purse order for someone from the market. I love the color and just hope she does too. Speaking of the market, yes, I'll be there tomorrow!

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*Michelle* said...

Isn't o-wool the bestest?! :)