Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jericho and the giant vegetables

The walls came tumbling yesterday, despite the 100 degree heat and unbearable humidity. He'd stopped working early because it was, "getting hard to breathe" and yet did this when he got home. His reasoning? "I might as well do it while I'm still dirty." Yes, he's one of those. Like the lab that won't stop fetching, it's hard to get him to quit.

Then last night he posed a huge question. "Do you want a porch or should I just go ahead and plan an addition?"

me: "I'll have to think about that. That's a big decision. You mean insulation, HVAC, the works?" (as I envision the little knitting studio of my dreams)

Kev: "Yeah. You know, it means electrical, windows, doors, siding. Basically the difference between a few hundred dollars and several thousand."

me: "Well then it's settled. A porch it will be!"

While it would be so wonderful to have a studio, I'm fond of my little corner office space and feel completely capable of doing what I need to do in it. Time will tell if that's in our future, and that time is definitely not now.

Garden update: Here's what happens when you neglect the garden and don't check it for a couple of days.

You get giant vegetables. That zucchini on top is 16" long! Someone (me) said she had the garden covered this year. I'm seriously eating my words. I like to keep the big zucchini anyway because they make great bread. Every summer except for this one I've made about 4 loaves a week, the family just loves it so much and we freeze it and give it away. But this summer I haven't made a single one. For someone who wants to enjoy the little things and stop and smell the roses, I'm making myself work way too much. Yeeesh.

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Anonymous said...

Yummm, I've been wanting some spaghetti sauce made w/ zuchinni and squash...
Ya know, the porch can always be covered later...