Monday, July 14, 2008

going to the dump

One of our neighbors likens the process of cleaning out and going to the dump to a great spiritual experience, far better than going to church. Yesterday it became clear to me exactly what he means by that. All afternoon I was on fire. A woman on a mission. Determined to reorganize, clear out, put things away and create my new office/work space. I realized finally how ineffective our current system was and couldn't stand it a minute longer. All the while wondering why it had taken me so long to figure that out.

I guess what had prevented me was cost. I had assumed that I'd have to spend a ton of money to reorganize which wasn't at all the case. I did spend some, but not nearly what I thought and with some creative planning the girls obtained my two sets of shelves, their drawing/crafting space is more defined, pared down and easier for them to keep straight and I now have my work space in the room where the woodstove is. You know how much I'm going to love that come winter.

Here it is, unglamorous, unremarkable, unfinished, but my "new" corner nonetheless.

Now that I look at the picture, I contemplate the point that I've merely traded one corner for another and you might wonder what's the good in that? But, it's up off the floor, it OUT of the bedroom and much more organized. Also behind me in the other corner of the room is a large set of old shelves (all thrift store purchases--gotta love that) which everything fits on. Upstairs there are still three large bins that house all my fabric, but they're used less often and can stay there till I find a better place for them. Now all that's missing are some shelves above the desk and maybe a chalkboard or calendar.

Do you see that little collage behind the computer too? A little gift from my friend Halsey at the market. It has the pictures from Skirt Magazine and my Etsy shop but the best part is the little picture of a skunk she cut out. Just so I don't forget about it, right Halsey?


Pamela said...

And it looks like Betsy is going to enjoy keeping you company in your new spot.

I like it!

puffthemagicrabbit said...

That bug that bit you to do this? Send him my way, please. I really need to do that, too, but motivation is low right now- maybe when school starts...