Wednesday, February 6, 2008

She made me do it

Thanks to fellow knitting addict and willing enabler, Pam, I can now include myself in the group of slightly obsessed folks who...knit...socks! Having no idea what I was getting myself into, I innocently accepted the "universal toe-up sock" pattern from Knitty, dug into the free bag of yarn scraps Anne Margaret gave me, found a complete skein of sock yarn, and got down to it.

You would have thought I'd knitted a room-size blanket after only finishing the first toe. Quite the triumph. Not because it was so difficult or time-consuming, but rather because it was so darn COOL! It brought me back to one of the basic reasons I love knitting, because you start with a simple string and with a little wrangling can turn it into anything.

Here's what I have so far,

Purdy, huh? Like little firecrackers on my feet! Having only one skein I wasn't sure how tall I'd be able to make them. These will be perfect with slippers or to sleep in. Yes, my feet are eternally cold. They love this soft soft wool.

I never quite understood the obsession with socks, or why anyone would want to knit with such a fine yarn on such tiny needles when other bigger projects could be finished much faster with bigger yarn and bigger needles. But now I get it. I even think knitting with tiny double-pointed needles is much easier than with big ones. They don't weigh much and the yarn doesn't slip as easily. I have pulled out the granny reading glasses though.

Just keep me away from the yarn stores, and especially the sock yarn, I'm feeling an urge to make about 10 pair! Lookout next Christmas, everyone's gettin' socks!


Pamela said...

Yay! Don't you just love 'em! That yarn is so fun! And they're so portable. And can be mindless knitting. And when you're done, you have socks! What's better than that??

Welcome, welcome.

Hey - am I the wacky enabler?

Anne Margaret said...

Welcome to the world of socks! SO much fun, especially the varigated stuff. It really is sad how amusing yarn color changes can be for me....

Aren't you glad that Pam and I aren't drug dealers?