Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've fallen down the rabbit hole

Just call me Alice. I can't seem to stop knitting bunnies:

The top one is gray, I realize it may be hard to tell by the picture. The yarn I used is a heavier gauge than the cream colored ones. I had to see if it would work, and I like the results. These are about an inch taller and 1/2" wider than the original. They seemed to be crying out for floral so I added the applique. What do you think? To applique or not to applique? I'm still on the fence. The blue one is up in my etsy shop, so we'll see the response the public gives and I'll make my decision. Of course you're welcome to voice an opinion as well.

The test knitters are in place and are fired up to get started! (right ladies?) They've been given the option of either gauge yarn so we'll see what they come up with.

In the meantime I'm still here, alone in the house, kids gone, husband gone, everyone taken care of. If I didn't know better I'd start wondering if I was expendible around here. Kevin has done double duty as dad and mom these past two weeks and we've had so much help from friends and family with the kids, doing things with them and shuttling them from place to place that I've had ALOT of quiet time. But I'm happy to say, the worst of mono is over and I can feel the fog slowly begin to lift. My thinking is clearer, my thoughts are more energetic and I'm convinced it had everything to do with that pie.


kathijane said...

Yes, yes, I love the applique! I also love your blog! You and I do have much in common - struggling gardner, bit of a dreamer, and a son named John! Sorry you have been sick. Hope you're on your way to full recovery! (No, I'm really NOT stalking you; first the convo, then this comment... jeez... I'll leave you alone for a while!!!)

kathijane said...

OMG!! I just noticed your daughter's name is Allie! (My son is John Allen and I affectionately call him "Alleycat".) Too funny.

I'll leave you alone!

Pamela said...

So cute! I've started the first ear on my bunny - I have no concept of embroidery nor spacing so his poor little face is a wreck. A wreck that scrunched all of his features into a three stitch area.

This grey bunny looks very different in the face. Did you modify the decreases? I like him!

We are having a tough time keeping up. Know that even in your (supposed) weakened state, you are still knitting rows and rows around the rest of us!

I hope you feel better soon!!!