Friday, February 1, 2008

Needle rhythm

This week I've been experiencing some "knitter's block", or at least that's what I think. Maybe it's not so much that there's been an actual block as much as a perception of one. I've stopped on multiple projects, not sure how or if to proceed. Here are the pictures to prove it.

1. headless bear, bunny, creature, what have you:

2. Partial double-breasted baby sweater made from the softest, pillowy-est polar fleece:

3. And of course another sundance sweater -- how many does this make?


a. thumbs don't hurt as much from lack of use

b. more free time to focus on health and read books entitiled, "Restoring Your Digestive Health"

c. waaay too much blog reading

d. catching up on laundry

e. drooling over favorite yarn store websites: Rowan and Jimmy Beans Wool

f. going to bed multiple nights before 11:00

g. daydreaming and looking at practically every product in the health food store

h. going all the way downtown to get there

i. having a knit-night with Pam which was more about talking about yarn, socks, cats, sweaters, headless bears and restoring digestive health than knitting

j. experimenting on the family with new recipes. I'm 1 for 2

k. more time to breathe


a. not getting stocked up on inventory for the Spring market season

b. wavering confidence

c. no sweater to wear

So all can do now is remind myself of the quote I ran across again the other day. Very popular, you know it. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -- Lao-tzu

What helps you get your needle rhythm back? Or am I the only one who loses it?

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Pamela said...

Well, the pros outnumber the cons! Sure, the needle rhythm gets off beat from time to time. For me, I need an enticing pattern, as I do not create them myself. I had a delightful visit to The Yarn Lounge yesterday. If you have the chance to visit with Tracy there (she's one of the teachers, not sure if she's there all the time), you may be inspired. I ordered Misty Blue Lamb's Pride Bulky for the Drops sweater! I hope my rhythm stays steady!