Friday, February 8, 2008

Heat wave

Is this happening at anyone else's house?

Yes, the week I decide to make socks (which I finished by the way) we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather, where it's actually O.K. to go barefoot:

I just love that shot of Allie. I remember the day when I realized I was too big to swing on the swings on my tummy. Very sad. Oh to be 4 again.

This afternoon brought a spur of the moment brush burning which always gets the kids excited. They gather up every little thing they can find and throw it on the fire. John especially. He's so hard to capture on camera. Constant motion.

And Lauren fell in love. Again. This sweet neighbor dog will come to play when he hears the kids outside. He's a frisbee lovin' dog and Lauren makes an irresistable companion. He follows her every move until she tires. Then she tries to make someone else play with him but they're not as interested as she. Finally we told her it was O.K. to just sit down and talk to him. She liked that idea. I'm not sure what they talked about, but you can be sure there was a conversation.

It's the simple days that are my favorites. Not the big events or the holidays, but just time together doing normal things where I try to soak it all up and never let any of it go.

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