Sunday, February 3, 2008


On mornings such as these I forget just for a moment who I am, the year, my circumstance, and quietly allow myself to be transported back to another time. I picture the cows that once grazed in the fields around our house and barn, I see tractors and horses a more permanent part of the landscape and I picture an aging Mrs. Webster who planted, cooked, fed and cared for children, grandchildren and an ailing husband all here. Right where I stand. I hear their whispers.

I feel so honored to be included in the legacy of this place. I pray for the strength and endurance to care well for this land and for a reminder to pause and take in all its beauty and stillness. As I stand here, on my front porch, I thank God for the new day, the eyes to see his creation and the gentle urging to appreciate it.

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patience said...

*sigh* this was so lovely, it almost makes me want to move to the country.