Thursday, February 21, 2008

...and Flopsy and Mopsy...

Meet the rest of the family:

I made John's with brown eyes, the green looked a little weird. A darker green would have worked, but I didn't have one. Allie's is in the middle with the flyaway ears, a tribute to her sometimes unkempt and wild hair. The pattern is finished as well and is going to be handed off to some friends tonight for test knitting. Think they'll be done tomorrow? Kidding!

And just as I finish one little project, new yarn arrived on my doorstep today. This is 5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas dyed organic cotton yarn from jimmy beans wool. Oooooh!

I've been commissioned by a friend to make the adult version of the little orange sweater with cream pockets you see at the top left corner of my blog. Except hers will have a fitted shape and will fall at more of a tunic length, with side slits at the bottom and probably wider straps to balance it all out. This is going to be fun.

Must leave the posting till tomorrow. It's Famous American Day at the kids school tomorrow and mommy still needs to come up with costumes for Abe Lincoln and Betsy Ross. Wish me luck and don't be surprised if you see a black crocheted beard on Abe!

mono update: day 11, still not right but better than yesterday.

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