Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Probably the best part of Allie's completion of preschool is the fact that we no longer have to drive 20 minutes each way into town and back. It was a huge time-eater and even Allie had begun to complain about the drive these past few months. Now that it's over, we have more freedom with our mornings, which means I can practice taking pictures.

So enjoy a few from this morning. Here's the proof that I planted some gladioli the right way:

and proof that the butterfly bush is alive and well even though Kevin tries to convice me every August that "it's toast".

The vegetable plants survived overnight despite the frost warnings (what?). Someone has covered them with plastic the past two nights! See, I really am trying to be a more responsible gardener this year. Now if I can just weed more consistantly we'll be getting somewhere.

I was under constant surveillance by Sunny, who just wants to go this morning. I'm not sure where, but hunting would probably suit her fine. Unfortunately for her she landed in a hunter-free house.

As good things must end, so does this little bit of play time. Work beckons, errands are pending and a certain 5 year old needs some attention. Until tomorrow...

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