Sunday, May 3, 2009

An early Mother's Day...and birthday...and Christmas...and

You may start to notice a difference in my photos. At least I hope so. I/we decided to bite the bullet and finally professionalize my hobby turned business and I hardly feel deserving. But I'm rationalizing the purchase every which way I can hoping it will pay off in a very real way. I'm thinking it will.

At least now I can finally see the ants on my peonies--did you know they help it bloom? I didn't either. These are the things we mothers discuss while sitting in the stands at baseball games.

Anyway, you'll be the witnesses to great photographic experimentation in the coming weeks and months if you can stand it. As a girl who has always hated to be photographed and still hates it to this day, I'm dumbfounded at how much I love taking pictures.


Marissa said...

I've always loved and appreciated your pictures, but these are spectacular! Is it a new macro lens, or a whole new camera?
Beautiful, at any rate!

amy said...

thank you for saying so, Marissa! it's a new camera, no macro lens (yet). all of my prior photos are/were taken with my battered and dented point and shoot that had been taken on too many of my husband's fishing trips!

susie said...

Your pics are always lovely - can't wait to see what you do with the new camera (that shot with the ants is so clear!). Take care.

Anonymous said...

So very awesome- you take fantastic pictures anyway- glad you were able to get a new camera.