Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching up

We were off our usual routine this Sunday morning as Lauren and I headed to the doctor around 8:30. Her eye was swollen shut with poison ivy and it was popping up all over her head and neck. Kevin could barely move his head from repeated injury and working too hard, and Allie has a new cold. Needless to say, church did not want our plague and so we opted out. Just as well, I think we all needed a day to lay low and catch up on life and even slow our bodies down that have been moving so fast all week.

The market continues to be a great thing for my business, for creating new friendships and for learning a ton about growing plants. I'm right next to an herb gardner this year and I just sit and listen to her wealth of knowledge all morning long, soaking up as much as I possibly can. I'm determined to become a better caretaker of our plants/gardens. I may even be making herbal teas by the end of the summer if she rubs off on me enough!

I took some pictures this morning for a customer in Sweden and so I thought I'd stick them in here. Too often I forget to include enough pictures of the fiber arts!

Crocheted basket: (I'm loving the orange)

(and my little tags on the top!)

And finally, a chicken coop update. While I was at the market yesterday, Kevin and the kids finished the outside yard for the chickens--here it isn't quite finished. They're getting acclimated to being outside and learning how to go in and out. Last night I went in the yard to put them all back in the coop for the night and they all decided to try to kamikaze themselves through the wire fencing! They have a little learning to do yet. I'd also like to point out the gorgeous, healthy, huge poison ivy vines growing up the trees in the background. The doctor said this morning I needed to get rid of our poison ivy. Ha! Lady, you have no idea what you're dealing with--this picture doesn't even come close to showing it all.

Stay tuned, there's more to come, just too much to fit in one post: Chickens out in their yard, finished plans for the addition (Kevin's copying them at Kinko's as we speak) and more new creations as I churn them out. Life really is good.

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Pamela said...

Great news on the new market season! Not such great news on family illness. I hope everyone feels better soon. I love the tags.

Enjoy your week!