Monday, May 11, 2009

A fleeting glimpse

I hate having my picture taken as I've said before, but I do want pictures of myself with the kids, so after the obligatory Mother's Day photos and the realization that they weren't too horrid, I decided to share. Apparently the kids feel a bit out of their element too, with the pain of a posed photo, but here they are in all their toothless glory. I tried to convince the girls to ditch the headbands which are too big and ill-fitting but there was nothing doing. They already think most of my ideas stink. Once again, Allie looks like she's up to something. She probably was I just can't remember what. On second thought, her arm is most likely there to hide where she had just wiped the chocolate off her mouth and onto her dress. Yep, I bet that's it.

It was a beautiful sun-shiny day and I had vowed not to do laundry, cooking or cleaning and broke almost every rule. I ended up making dinner, doing the dishes and doing laundry and instead of cleaning the house I scooped chicken poop. Instead of relaxing I weeded. Not a little bit of weeding, the kind of weeding that can only be accomplished with a hoe. We grow our weeds by the bushel. If only they were worth something!

So, here you go, one obsessed knitter in all my Mother's Day glory. Don't blink, or you might miss it!


Marissa said...

What a lovely picture of you and the kids!

Pamela said...

You look beautiful - and your children are lovely in photos, as always.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you!! (and goats help tremendously with those weed. I'm just saying...)