Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Each day

I'm climbing the narrow stairway to a place I've never been, seeking myself and learning along the way. The view gets more interesting and beautiful with each step I tread and so I know that I'm in the right place, at the right time, wondering all the while what the room looks like after the stairs have run out. Secretly I'm hoping they never do.

I am reeling today from a sense of validation, from love poured out, from the generosity of a friend who shared with me her view of my climb. I often forget the importance of interaction, having spent so many years giving so much away, I tend to keep to myself to preserve what's left. But it's on days like this when being the recipient of such kindness and faith makes me both uncomfortable and full all at the same time, that I remember how important it is to come out of hiding. I'm still learning and letting go , trying to accept myself and the great responsibility I've been given. I hope you'll keep reading and watch the journey unfold.

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Anonymous said...

I figure we're all "becoming" and it is amazing. I think I know what you mean- I have my children and farm to take care of, when friends need a shoulder and encouragement I try to always be what they need. The other day I was the one who needed- and it was so hard to accept what she was willing to give- and it was just permission to cry.

I'm not going anywhere. Besides becoming, that is.